Russia and China have threatened to impede the US from entering and exploring space. These remarks have made the agency vice-chairman call for the activation of Space Force as the Biden administration’s priority. This move would help the country retain its say in space operations amid the growing launches by these countries for space missions. Air Force Gen.John E. Hyten addressed the country through a virtual National Security Space Association “Space-Time” meeting. He stated that the country through Space Force should focus on navigation, GPS, reconnaissance, missile warning and navigation.

Hyten noted that China and Russia are advancing their technology in space operations to rival the US and that their threats are competitor strategies to scare off the fearful type. He pointed out that the US has the resources to command space leadership at any time. That is why the competition is growing from rivals who feel disadvantaged and limited to Earthly activities. Moreover, these two nations have become too secretive with their missions forcing the US to use new tactics to identify weaponized space entry from Earth.

Hyten called for the country’s leaders in space operations to channel the right strategies that will educate the citizens concerning the possible missile threats that they have received from these foes and enumerate the appropriate course of action to be followed in retaliation. He explained that the Department of Defense ought to be ready for war and impede their adversaries from accessing space while maintaining a chain flow of services to their operatives in space.

Espionage reports have it that China and Russia are developing anti-satellite weapons and military space systems at a boisterous rate. The solution to this visible threat is for the country through its technology to develop systems that can handle these technologies from rival countries in case they open fire.

Hyten terms this strategy as “acceleration because the enemy is accelerating.” Although this move is efficient in handling the enemy, the US must have other plans if the blabbering countries launch a sneak attack on the US’s operations in space. The Space Force must be ready at all times for a change of plans to mitigate the impending risks. The Space Force has received tremendous support from the government, the private entities trying to cushion their activities in space and Space Command, which will be leading the agency to greater heights.