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A Solid State Drive (SDD) is a type of non-volatile storage media that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. The architectural configuration of a typical SDD controller is optimized to deliver high performance of read and write functions. Unlike hard disk drive (HDD), SDD has no moving part to break down and stop functioning. Apart from this, SDD is also a very much viable option for large data center as it offers speed, mass volume, and hierarchical storage mechanism.

The future of global SDD market is prophesied to be attractive with increasing digitization and growth of media content, across the globe. As per the study, global solid state drive market is estimated to cross the $60,000 million mark by 2023. On the account of significant advancement in technologies, high enterprise application demand for greater performance, storage, power efficiency, more dependability requirement from content generation industry, and swelling large data centers, the global SDD market has been gaining more traction in recent times.

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As per findings of the research, sales of SATA has been recorded the largest in the global market in 2018 and is expected to continue rising ahead in forecast years on the back of its excellent storage capabilities, hot swapping features, and data transfer speed. Additionally, the growth of high mass storage or even above 2TB is expected to witness fastest growth in the global market during the forecast period.

Emerging trends which promises a continuous growth of the global SDD market include rapid emergence of the wireless storage devices, relaxing regulation in regions, and growing digital content due to emergence of e-commerce and social media. Some factors which are driving the global market includes increasing utilization of the technology in personal computers, higher demand by consumer electronics segment, and reduction in application launch time. The global marketplace also fears challenges to growth from factors such as high cost of SSD, expensive manufacturing process, and low market awareness.

By region, North America has been the largest market for the sales of solid state drive due to mass adoption of personal computing systems by the citizens, and an early adoption of SSD by the regional organizations. However, the market in Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth among all regions, during the forecast period. The anticipated growth in the Asia-Pacific market is expected due to increasing digitalization, advancement in new technologies, growth in media industry, and increasing adoption of cloud technologies by the enterprises. In addition to this, Asia-Pacific is developing as a service provider base for the globe, which is in turn attracting huge investment from the public and private players in the manufacturing of SSD as comparatively lower capital than developed regions.

The research states that the global SDD market is very slightly competitive, and moving towards a consolidating structure Players such as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Intel Corporation, SanDisk Corporation Inc., and Toshiba Corporation are dominating the global market with string hold on consumer base and brand power. However, mid-level players are upgrading their design and development capabilities to compete in this marketplace.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One:     Research Objective

Chapter Two:     Research Methodology

Chapter Three:  Executive summary

Chapter Four:    Market Introduction

Chapter Five:   Market Size and Forecast by Type

Chapter Six:    Market Size and Forecast by Interface

Chapter Seven:  Market Size and Forecast by Storage

Chapter Eight:   Market Size and Forecast by Technology

Chapter Nine:    Market Size and Forecast by Geography

Chapter Ten:   Market Competitiveness

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