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With the increasing infection outbreaks and growing awareness in the healthcare sector, infection control requirements are gaining greater significance. Emerging economies are working towards spreading awareness of the importance of infection control.

Health Care Centers to recognize the Need for Infection Control and Prevention

Healthcare centers are increasingly recognizing the need for effective infection control and prevention. Some healthcare centers taking measures for infection control by collaborating with infection control solution providers.

For instance, CareOne, the post-acute care company has taken key measures for patient safety with the partnership with Reduce Infection Deaths, a dedicated organization working towards increasing awareness of infection control and prevention in the healthcare setup. Similarly, Hamad Medical Corporation encourages its clinical staff across the hospital network to take necessary actions for preventing hospital-acquired infections with the help of the Infection Prevention and Control Programme (IPCP). Furthermore, Department of Health (DOH) launched the infection control campaign with infection outbreak in two hospitals in Essex County and Passaic County.

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Increasing Awareness in Emerging Countries to Provide Sales Avenues for Infection Control Market Participants

Emerging countries promoting the concept of infection control and prevention by conducting programs and infection control workshops that are expected to provide revenue opportunities for infection control providers. For instance, the Super Specialty Hospital in Jammu, India held a workshop for infection control that included a presentation, reflecting protective measures and focused on promoting the idea of preventing infections effectively.

Moreover, China has witnessed increasing prevalence of infectious diseases. For example, according to the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Beijing registered 22 norovirus infection cases which were found collectively in children from middle school, elementary school, and even kindergarten. The cases were relatively higher than last year and there was also a weekly rise noted. This scenario would create a demand for efficient infection control in China. Owing to these factors Asia Pacific market would be a fruitful investment for the infection control market contributors.

Furthermore, according to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming an issue of top priority for OECD countries and beyond. They stated in their report that AMR is growing rapidly and is projected to create a large health concern followed by economic strain in OECD and European Union countries. This would create increasing demand for infection control in these regions.

Key Infection Control Market Players Focus on Catering to Increasing Infection Prevention Requirements

The infection control market participants focus on expanding their services to ensure effective remediation of infection, with the help of their enhanced infection control services for healthcare. The key players in the infection control market include Nordion, Inc. Johnson and Johnson, Belimed AG, Getinge Group, Cantel Medical Corporation, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, CISA Group, Steris Corporation, and Synergy Health plc.

Steris Corporation has witnessed a growth of nearly 6 percent in the revenue of healthcare product category including the infection control products. Moreover, the company is also receiving contracts for infection control, such as the one received from Detroit Medical Center hospitals, which highlights its continual contribution to the infection control market.

Cantel Medical Corporation, a leading infection control market player has been carrying out expansion strategies to strengthen their product portfolio. These strategies allow the company to acquire a stronger market presence while providing its range of products to the customers. In line with this, the infection control market player acquired the Stericycle, Inc.’s Controlled Environmental Solutions business for $17 million, with an aim to strengthen its infection control and prevention solution portfolio. The company also acquired Aexis Medical to advance its leadership footprint in infection prevention with its entry in the market for healthcare information analytics.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the infection control market participant has also been focusing on expansion strategies. The $30 million deal for improving and expanding the production facility in North Carolina is the company’s strategy to strengthen their market presence.

Understanding the Key Market Segments of Infection Control Market

The infection control market is categorized on the basis of type of product, its application and the end user segment. On the basis of application the infection control market is classified into surface disinfection and surgical disinfection, while the end use category elements include diagnostic laboratories, academic institutions, clinics, and hospitals.

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When classified on the basis of the product type, the division is done in an in-depth manner and the elements in this category include:

  • Non-Woven Disposable
    • Drapes
    • Gowns
    • Sterilization Wraps
    • Face Mask
  • Sterilization Equipment
    • Heat Sterilization Equipment
      • Moist Heat Sterilization Equipment
      • Dry Heat Sterilization Equipment
    • Low Temperature Sterilization Equipment
    • Radiation Sterilization Equipment
  • Disinfection Equipment
    • Disinfector
      • Washer Disinfector
      • Flusher Disinfector
    • Endoscopic Reprocessor Systems
      • High-End Endoscopic Reprocessor Systems
      • Mid-Range Endoscopic Reprocessor Systems
      • Low-End Endoscopic Reprocessor Systems
    • Disinfectants