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Representatives DENTONS law firm gave a comment in relation to the publication of locks gambling-sites and state requirements to software developers in the CIS space.

 According to lawyers, the most mature locking mechanism possessed by Russia. In the five years of application of the mechanism of a huge number of websites have been blocked in relation to the organizers of gambling, and the right to lock endowed with not only the court but also the regulator itself.

 In turn, such as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan locking mechanisms are available and operate, but their scope in terms of locks it gambling sites less, despite the active use of this mechanism in other areas – for 2019 in each of the countries the number of blocked gambling sites It did not exceed a few dozen – to be confirmed by the company.

 “For example, in Armenia, the government, in principle, trying not to block content (including gambling content) on the Internet, except in very rare cases (in addition, there were cases when Russian ISPs to block Armenian users access to sites banned in Russia). However, for example, in Uzbekistan the practice of blocking websites with illegal content is a very common “, – explain lawyers.

 By the way, Darin Denisov spoke about the gambling market of Uzbekistan and Russian interest in it bookmakers.

 Finally, since 2021 in Belarus will be carried out block all sites online operators that do not have a license Belarus. Since there are already established system of web sites blocking – all illegal gambling resources will be quickly blocked.

 DENTONS Experts believe that the least demanding of States in this context are Georgia and Armenia, in the first place because of their approach to freedom of information, because, if we compare them with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asian countries, there is definitely approach the state authorities to the freedom of information to differ materially.

 Important is the fact that the very practice of blocking websites is not very common in Georgia and Armenia, – says the company.

 Recall, the gambling zone “Krasnaya Polyana” has recently focused on customers in India.

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