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February 13 renowned trainer and commentator figure skating Tatyana Tarasova celebrates 73 years. We talk about the importance and controversial famous sports figure.

 Tatiana Tarasova: “Wikipedia” everything will not tell

 In recent years, the identity of Tatiana Tarasova is a definite surge in debate and struggle in the comments under the articles of figure skating. Part believes that its time has passed and a renowned expert because of their age is not the objective, has their favorites and does not understand the modern sport. Another part of protecting her, referring to the large reservoir of its achievements in coaching and noting her experience and professionalism.

 commentators word more than once caused heated discussion from the fans skaters. On one of these we wrote in a separate article.

 However, as always, is somewhere in between, and the truth, and not at all. Tatiana Tarasova actually a figure of enormous proportions in your favorite sports million. To some extent it can be compared on the effect of Alla Pugacheva in pop culture. Only on the opinion of Diva depended on a particular outcome in show business, and the coach – in figure skating.

 Its credibility is hard to deny. It is associated with the names of famous skaters and skaters who performed in the period from the 70s of the XX century. at zero XXI Art. This pair of Moses – Minenkov, Bestemyanova – Bukin, Klimov – Ponomarenko, this single skater Alexei Yagudin, Mao Asada, Denis Ten, Maxim Kovtun and many others.

 These time scales are in fact difficult to realize. Today, Tatiana Tarasova turned 73 years old, she got on skates at the age of 5 years, ie almost 70 years ago. And in the coaching profession is more than 50 years after a 20-year old was injured.

 But now about Tatiana Tarasova often heard as an expert for the media, the commentator of the competition and the judges on various TV projects. And this role most commentators claim. That’s because the fans in this sport, as it is surprising, – one of the most active on the Internet. And when the opinion of an expert is different from their own – they seek to challenge it under the post or article, with all the tenacity protecting trampled, in their opinion, the honor of your pet or This Site pet.

 Thus, the coach is accused of noticeable sympathy for Evgenia Medvedeva and a certain antipathy towards Alin Zagitovoy. Read more about this we wrote in a separate article. Is this true – hard to say. Rather, Tatiana Tarasova sincerely root for the development of sport in Russia and enjoys the success of Russian figure skaters, as it itself has repeatedly stated in interviews. On the other hand, everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially when behind the person has great experience and achievements in sports.

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 New Year … # birthday

 Publication of Tatiana Tarasova (@ t.a.tarasova)

 12 Fev 2020 at 1:20 PST

 Your holiday birthday girl commented laconically, publishing photos on the personal page on Instagram with the caption “New Year …”. In the comments of coach congratulated Alexander Zhulin, and many well-known skaters expressed congratulations through storiz and on their pages. Among them were Adelina Sotnikova, Maxim Trankov, Alexei Yagudin, Ilia Averbukh and others.

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 Happy birthday dear Tatiana! Good health, patience at all! @ T.a.tarasova You are our man with a capital letter! Thank you for all the advice, for the help! I appreciate, cherish, love ❤️⛸

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 12 Fev 2020 at 10:35 PST

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